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How to Climb the Self-Publishing Rockface

By June 19, 2020July 2nd, 20203 Comments

… Or How to go About Self-Publishing Online

The self-publishing industry can be a bewildering world. When I first started it was with a creative urge and no clue how to go about getting my books out into the market place, or where to get them seen.

So I started researching good old Google and sifting through the various options that came up. I was lucky enough to discover two or three really good sites, with very helpful mentors (and these are listed on my resources page). They steered me in the right direction.

Was it enough?

But still, I felt there really wasn’t a definitive guide that I could find.

So I decided to set about creating one.

Enter: How to Climb the Self-Publishing Rockface

Covering from the point you have your book ready, to the publish button on the various sites and all steps in between.

If you’ve always wanted to get your book online, this will show you the route to go, where to go and the steps on each site you need to follow.

I cover the five main popular avenues for publishing – there are loads more. But they are beyond the scope of this publication.

Point you in the direction of loads of resources to help out with your self-publishing.

And I’ve also produced a Companion Workbook to record each step you take and act as a record for each publication, so you never miss anything out.

Discount available

And if you buy the main book you will receive a 50% discount code for the Companion Workbook.

You can find them both at the links above or in my shop here: SylverZone Print Shop

Here’s to your success 🙂

How to Climb the Self-publishing Rockface
Companion Workbook to How to Climb the Self-Publishing Rockface


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