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The Barnes & Noble Process

In the self-publishing world, there are several options for getting your publication in front of people, Amazon being the most well-known one. But there are other options that also do not cost you any money upfront. These make a similar mark-up and give you options for the type of product you wish to publish. Barnes & Noble Press is probably the next most well-known after KDP Amazon for self-publishing. I know when I first started out I found it really helpful to have the KDP Amazon process shown me in a video. So here is the B&N process for those who have never published on B&N and wish to add it to their arsenal of publishing tools. As in all these things once you have done it a time or two it becomes quite easy. You can find the video for this process here: How to self-publish using Barnes & Noble

Lulu is another option for self-publishing that I also use and I have another video done for that process now. Just go to:


The bit everybody hates! With Barnes & Noble Press you do need to fill out a W-8BEN for tax if you do not live in the US. It is not as difficult as it may appear, and there are instructions available to follow here.

But to give you a rough idea of how I filled it out as a UK citizen. You give name, company (if applicable), your mailing address, DoB and your tax reference. (Available on your tax records if you are self-employed or you fill in a self-assessment form). If not you should be able to get this from the Inland Revenue with a phone call.

You (or your company) are the beneficial owner in the UK.

That’s it for a self-employed person/sole trader. If you have a bigger business then your accountant will be able to help you.

Sign it and scan it and send to B&N where they state on the registration form.

While you are waiting for that to go through you can still go ahead and set up your book/s. Then as soon as the tax form is approved you can publish.

As I don’t live in the US I do not know the process for a US citizen, but I’m guessing there is a different form.

For that process please go HERE.

B&N Process

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